We found this project on the web and thought it was fantastic! So, we would like to share it with you…




Queer Migrant Takeover is an event that celebrates the existence of otherness, particularly in the queer and migrant communities (two communities that have been incredibly outcast over the centuries and are currently the focus of extreme violence in the UK.

The event will kick off with performances and talks throughout the afternoon, a food sharing experience around dinner time and a party till the early hours.

Join us from 5pm for a special resistance performance by Lesbians and Gays Support The Migrants, durational pieces by Istanbul Queer Arts Collective and Joon Lyn Goh. Join us at the table for discussions on Intergenerational Queerness and a panel discussion on Queer Spaces of London, followed by a dinner with space to relax and get to know each others.

Then in the evening, our space turns into a club setting, with artists from across the world and the most amazing mix of Latinx, Middle Eastern, RnB, Hip-Hop, House and Pop music from some of the best DJs London has to offer!

‘So we want to take space, make room for them to exist without that violence, and to celebrate US in all our intersectional, inter-generational and transnational identities. Because migrants aren’t just one thing, and queers are not just one thing that you can point at us with. Our identities are an amalgamation of experiences that have everything to do with how we see ourselves in the world. At the QMTs, we try and make a safe space for everyone, so that everyone can feel welcome. We want difference and otherness, in all its glory, to be celebrated and welcomed. Because feeling welcomed is how people feel liberated, it is the first step towards freedom.’ – QMT

Presented as part of And What? Queer. Arts. Festival 2018

Find out more about Queer Migrant Take Over Parties organised by Xavier de Sousa