New Routes, Old Roots

'New Routes, Old Roots' is an arts-based research network focusing on contemporary and historical experiences of exile and migration. Our aim is to broaden debate and generate awareness of issues relating to migration and exile.


Jeannette Baxter

Jeannette Baxter is Senior Lecturer and Research Convenor in the Faculty of Arts, Law, and Social Science at Anglia Ruskin University. Her research and teaching expertise includes many areas of 20th-century and contemporary fiction, including literary and visual responses to war (from WWI to present conflicts), literatures of exile and migration, Anglo-American and European literary Surrealisms, and the relationship between modern and contemporary literature and fascisms. She is Co-Director (with Dr Mick Gowar) of ‘New Routes Old Roots: Literature of Migration and Exile’, a new research group that aims to actively encourage scholarly examination of, and public engagement with, the extraordinarily rich and varied oral, written and graphic texts that are written within or reflecting upon the experience of exile and migration. For further information on the group, forthcoming events, and how you can contribute to this very important area of research please email

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