We are proud to announce that New Routes, Old Roots has been invited to develop the Migration Norfolk Network, a project developed within the Museum-University Initiative Partnership and funded by the Arts Council.

The aims of the network are:

  • To facilitate collaboration and capacity building between project partners and local organisations working on migration-related topics.
  • To develop community-led projects about Norfolk’s migration histories.
  • To share skills, knowledge, practices and experiences within and across the education and museum sectors.
  • To engage the general public in Norfolk’s ‘long’ migrant heritage through public-facing projects, events, and workshops hosted by, and in collaboration with, the network partners.

Current Project:

In autumn 2018, the Migration Norfolk Network will host a touring exhibition of Norfolk’s Migrant Stories. An initial story-gathering event will take place during Refugee Week (June 2018). More details of the project will be announced soon.

Partners: Our network partners include…

The School of International Development (DEV) at UEA

The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art

Strangers’ Hall

Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse

Norwich Castle Museum

Swaffham Museum

Time and Tide Museum (Great Yarmouth)

The South Asian Collection

The Common Lot