Young Norwich Superheroes Defend City Against Alien Attack

In December 2016, Norwich was under siege by alien invaders who wanted to take control of the city and its inhabitants. But Norwich’s resident superheroes had other ideas…. Read our digital comic to find out how The Star Dude, Metal Man, Super Laser-Vision Man, Mr Scream, and Mr F saved Norwich from a terrible fate …

Many thanks to Fasiah (12 yrs), André (12 yrs), Solima (11yrs), Ahtisham (11 yrs), and Mustijab (9 yrs) for helping to save our fine city.

The digital comics was led by Dr Jeannette Baxter, Dr Mick Gowar and Dr Eleni Konidari as part of the ‘Story Circles’ Partnership between New Routes, Old Roots at Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge) and New Routes Integration Project, Norwich.

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