‘Story Circles’: The Art of Being Human

Story-telling is an essential part of what it is to be human: we are homo fabulans or story-telling beings. Stories shape our everyday lives, and we tell stories in order to share our life experiences, to make sense of the world and our place in it, to preserve personal and collective memories and histories, to instill moral and cultural values, to explore alternative pasts, presents and futures, and to build a sense of community between story-tellers and listeners

‘Story Circles’ is a story-telling initiative developed by New Routes, Old Roots (Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge) and New Routes Integration Project (Norwich). Its main aim is to create fun and safe spaces for members of New Routes Integration Project to come together and tell their stories, be they real or imagined, old or new, individual or collective, visual or oral. Each ‘Story Circles’ workshop aims to help the story-tellers to:

  • develop their oral and written communication skills in English
  • learn new story-telling techniques and practices
  • develop team-workings skills
  • gain confidence to publish or perform their stories to wider audiences

‘Story Circles’ is led by Dr Jeannette Baxter and Dr Eleni Konidari in association with Norwich-based writers and story-tellers.

Our Lives, Our Stories, Our City:

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