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Welcome to NROR Guest Writers’ Spots. Here you can sample some original poetry, prose and non-fiction that engages with contemporary and historical experiences of exile and migration.

Guest Writers:


Salah El NagarSalah El Nagar is an Egyptian Writer and a poet, who is now resident in Norwich. He came to the UK as refugee because he suffered persecution in his home country for writing about Human Rights and Freedom. Salah is related to Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour an Egyptian American activist and Islamic scholar with expertise in Islamic history, culture, theology and politics, who has been in exile in America since 2001.  Salah was forced to leave Egypt because of his support for Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour’s teachings.

Hope and a Bear

by Salah El Nagar

I called the people smuggler on my phone and I asked:  “What’s the plan for today? Where can I meet you?”

“At the highway, the same place as yesterday.”

“Will anybody from the ‘Jungle’ be joining me today?”

“No, you’ll be travelling alone and don’t be late, because the highway is very busy today.”

The day before I had returned to the ‘‘Jungle’’ shaking with the cold. My clothes in the tent had disappeared. It had been raining heavily and I had to take my neighbours dry clothing to keep me warm and dry whilst I slept.

I dressed myself, making sure I was wearing a waterproof coat because yesterday it had rained heavily.

It was night time again. As I stood there….

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